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A 12-page monthly newsletter in two sections reporting on the marketplace for childrens writingbooks, articles, stories, plays, activities, and more. Current news, trends, tips, how to write to publish. 


Beginning to well-established professional writers interested in learning more and keeping up-to-date on writing for children, selling their writing, and the juvenile publishing industry. 


  • Inform subscribers about, and analyze, current markets in articles, columns, and reporting of editorial needs.

  • Help writers of all levels of expertise to strengthen their writing with markets in mind. 
  • Inspire, motivate, encourage the childrens writing community.


  • Lead articles: Wide range of features on market trends in books and magazines: market segments, approaching editors, editorial needs, writing with audience in mind, practical/business considerations, and much more.
          All feature articles highlight the current needs and perspectives of editors. Articles should quote a variety of sources, often, and offer specific and highly practical information to help new and progressing writers sell what they write and write what will sell.
          Interviews with six or more sources are required, and articles should  include the possibility of sidebars and/or charts. 1,700-2,000 words. Submit a detailed query, listing potential interview sources, proposed length, and proposed submission date. Payment on acceptance, $300.
  • Features: Articles on the many aspects of the writing process and a writing career with a strong publishing-world voice. Subjects range from profiles of successful writers, editors, publishers, or publications, to plotting, paragraph structuring, point of view, organization, openings, research, submission formats, technology, dialogue, contracts, agents, character development, critique groups, and so on.
         These features, too, optimally include four or five interviews with editors or writers and/or very specific examples from successfully published materials, or examples of specific writing and publishing experiences with such topics as submission format, contracts, or agents. 1,700-2,000 words. Submit a detailed query, listing potential interview sources, proposed length, and proposed submission date. Payment on acceptance, $300.
  • Columns: Each issue also includes three columns from among the following. These are each 750 words, with a sidebar of approximately 125-words. Submit a detailed query. Payment, on acceptance, $200.

          Craft: Discussions of on all aspects of the techniques and art of writing. Slants of all kinds on subjects that include plot, character, theme, language, style, syntax, voice, point of view, imagery genres, titles, dialogue, openings, endings, audience, and so on. 

          Profession: Information and perspectives on all aspects of business and career that support writing for children. Subjects include submissions, rights, payment, organization, equipment, marketing and promotion, résumés, writers
    groups, conferences, and so on.

         Insider: Interviews with editors at book and magazine publishers about their own careers, but even more about their current positions, companies, and editorial needs.

         Inspiration: Motivational articles that encourage writers and take on such issues as writers
    block, idea generation, creativity, managing the balance of life and career. 

         Research: Articles that focus on the many facets of research, from subject to market research.

         Commentary: Opinion pieces on subjects of interest to writers. These may take on controversy, but must be responsible and respectful of our audience.
  • Other sections:
    Marketplace: Current information on which editors need what, and other “industry” information. Short, detailed items with useable news for freelance children
    s writers. While this section is generated in-house, leads are appreciated. 
         Contests: Announcements of Children
    s Writer writing contests. Winning contest entries and commentary. 


Largely journalistic. Professional, but encouraging. Very tightly written. Always include practical considerations and ideas on which readers may act. Articles must cite solid sources, most particularly editors, using quotes throughout.
     Preferred sources are publications or publishers currently seeking submissions. All articles should offer actionable, practical tips and information, ideas that work. Sidebars, checklists, and similar aids should accompany most, if not all, articles.

More on Submissions 

E-mail submissions are highly preferred. Disk submissions with hard copy are accepted. We use Quark XPress and Word.

Originals and photocopies are accepted, but must be clearly legible. Do not single space. For manuscripts to be returned, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Childrens Writer buys first-time rights. We do not use reprints.

Simultaneous submissions will be reviewed, if cover letter indicates submission elsewhere.

We try to respond to submissions within one month.




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